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A Functional and Atmospheric Sauna

It’s a good idea to renovate the sauna at the same time as you’re renovating the bathroom. We can also renovate the sauna separately, or we can turn a storage space into a completely new sauna. Renovation is the perfect time to make sure that the structures are in good condition and execute any repairs if there’s moisture in the structures. It’s also important that the sauna is well ventilated, safe, and lit in an atmospheric way.


How Much Does it Cost to Make Your Sauna Dream Come True?

We execute all stages of sauna renovation carefully and with expertise and attention to details. The prize depends on many different factors, such as the materials and the size of the sauna. We have listed below some general prize examples of sauna renovations.

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Yleisimmät saunaremontin kustannukset

Demolishing the Old Sauna EUR 400 - 1,500
Structural Repair EUR 200 - 1,700
Door, Panelling, and Sauna Benches EUR 800 - 5,000
Ligh Fixtures EUR 150 - 500
Electrical Work for the Sauna Stove EUR 50 - 250
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