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A Cosy and Practical Bathroom

You start and end your day in the bathroom. Together, we will make it the best thing in your life. Proper planning, quality material choices, and professional execution will create a functional and durable bathroom which is also nice to look at. We always execute renovations individually with the customer’s wishes and needs in mind.


Quality – Guaranteed

We execute all types of bathroom renovations with care and quality by our experts in the field. We offer a 10-year guarantee for all our renovations. You are also eligible for tax credit for household expenses for our renovations.


How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Bathroom?

Renovating a bathroom is an investment that improves living comfort and increases the value of the apartment. The prize depends largely on the scale of the renovation – are you noly renovating the surfaces or are you making changes to the room division and structures? A bathroom renovation may be largely invested in or done very cost-efficiently, depending on what you want. For a free offer for your renovation, click here!

Yleisimmät kylpyhuoneremontin kustannukset

Demolition EUR 500 - 2,000
Construction EUR 1,000 - 4,000
Waterproofing EUR 300 - 1,500
Materials EUR 400 - 4,500
Electrical Work and Plumbing EUR 250 - 2,000
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